When I Get Old

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I have news about my new album!

The cover art arrived from the graphic designer, and it looks like this:

The album is called “When I Get Old.” That’s a personal joke, because according to certain young people in my life, I’m already old. But, I don’t feel that way.

Also, some days I’m afraid I won’t get this album out before I get old…

Most of all, it’s about the songs. Some are from a child’s point of view, some an adolescent and some an adult. They are organized mostly in that order, so as you listen it’s like getting older.

Also, one of the songs is called, you guessed it, “When I Get Old.”

I perform all the songs, along with some very skilled musicians and singers. And I wrote them all.

You can read more about them here:

Liner Notes

You can hear sound samples in this blog post:

Song Clips

and also in this blog post:

Song Clips – 2

In the next few weeks I’ll send out an email announcing the official release date, so I hope you will watch for that! I will also start taking pre-orders.

Many thanks to all of you who signed up for my mailing list and have stuck with me while I get this album done. I really can’t do it without you.



  • Marilyn Wilson says:

    Hi Paul,
    I really like your voice. The words are so clear. If I order an album, is it a record or CD, or what? How would it get to me?

    • Paul Hatem says:

      Hi Marilyn,

      Thank you for writing. I’m very glad you like my recordings.

      I will have CDs and digital downloads available. Anyone ordering a CD would need to let me know their address for shipping, and those ordering the download will get an email with a link.
      I’m still putting the finishing touches on my ordering system, so I’ll send out an email to let you know when you can actually place an order.

      Thank you so much for asking! I’ll be back in touch.


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