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Hi friends,

I’m working hard to finish up my new recording, “When I Get Old,” so you can hear it. In the meantime, and because of the delay, I’m posting short clips from some of the songs. This one is from “I Wish Mom Would Come.” Imagine three young boys waiting to get picked up after swimming lessons in an old mill town. These events are based on a true story!

This is just a piece of the song. I can’t post entire songs until the album is ready.

I Wish Mom Would Come – song clip


Oh, and in case you didn’t get a chance to read my blog post from last month, I shared two other song clips there. You can still hear them by clicking below:

Song Clips


I hope you all are hanging in there, staying healthy, and enjoying some music!



  • Irene Manahan says:

    Love “I wish Mom would come” as I had 3 sons in swim clubs, sometimes going to 3 different pools.Needless to say, car pools had to be arranged.

    • Paul Hatem says:

      Hi Irene,
      Yes, I can imagine – and 3 different pools must have been complicated.
      For my brothers and me, at least it was only one pool.
      Thanks for writing.

  • You Scurvy Dog you !

    At least leave the whole song!

    • Paul Hatem says:

      Hi Tim,

      I take that to mean you want to hear the whole thing, so thanks! Here’s the backstory. I’d love to see whether I can show up on a folk music chart – maybe I’m just inexperienced enough to think it’s possible. That means I can only give away one entire song before the album comes out, which I already did with the free download of “Simon.”

      In the meantime I can only give away parts of the songs.

      Did you see my blog post from last month? There were clips of two other songs there:


  • Rick Walton says:

    Good stuff Paul. “When I Get Old” You thinking what I’m thinking? Like, not yet, but why am I thinking about it?

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