Raining So Long

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One night a few months ago my family and I joined a group of friends for an outdoor celebration. Under ordinary circumstances this would not have been unusual, but because of the Covid virus, we had not gathered with anybody for many, many months. A sound system had been set up and music was playing. Some people talked, some people danced. Everyone kept a respectful distance, and I felt my body relax. I felt joy. It had just been so long!

This was in the middle of winter, but the night was mild and beautiful, unusually warm for the time of year. I kept thinking “it’s been so long,” when my mind settle on the phrase “it’s been raining so long.” The virus had been getting me down, I realized, very much like the way I feel when it rains day after day. I went home and turned that idea into a song. The song doesn’t mention Covid, but in my mind, that’s where it came from.

Oh, and this is what we call a “demo.” It’s like a sketch. There might be a more polished version in the future. Or maybe not…

Click below to hear my new song: “Raining So Long.”



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