Song Clips – 2

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Hi friends, I’m working hard to finish up my new recording, “When I Get Old,” so you can hear it. In the meantime, and because of the delay, I’m posting short clips from some of the songs. This one is from “I Wish Mom Would Come.” Imagine three young boys waiting to get picked up […]

Song Clips

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By now you have probably heard me say – more than once – that I have a new album coming out. Like so many things during this time of COVID-19, it has been delayed. In an attempt to keep you interested, and not try anyone’s patience too much, I made short clips of some of […]

Video – Hot Day In The City

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I took two performances and made them into a video. It’s been a while since performing live was possible! I’m looking forward to when we can do it again. Here is the video, hope you enjoy it:

Do We Need Another Songwriter?

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I mean, hasn’t everything already been said? After all these years, after all the writers, poets, philosophers, thinkers; after all the songwriters who ever existed, is there anything new to say? Well, maybe not; and maybe so. One thing I can say is that, even if everything has been said, it sure seems like people […]

Why Would an Introvert be a Performer?

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This puzzled me about myself for a long time. Why would somebody who tends to be fairly quiet, who actually loves spending time alone, who tends to listen more than he talks, why would that person become a performer? When I was young, being an introvert meant you were shy, quiet, antisocial. These were seen […]

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