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Traditionally at this point in the release of a new album I would be giving away the single – the free track to try to interest you in ordering the album. The only problem is…I already gave away the single. It was my song “Simon,” which was free to anyone who signed up for my mailing list.

So…what to do?…well, so I’m giving away ANOTHER free single! This time it’s the title song, WHEN I GET OLD.

I’m hoping you like the single enough to click here now and pre-order the entire album for a price of $9.95, before the official June 22 release date.

Click on the arrow below to hear the single:



You can now pre-order the new album and receive it on the official release date, June 22.

Why would you pre-order?

The main reason is that it helps me. My goal is to find the people who like what I do, who find meaning in my songs. Sometimes people tell me so in words, and sometimes they tell me by buying my recordings. Both mean a lot to me.

Your support helps me keep going; and for that I am truly appreciative.

And the benefit to you? Assuming you like what I do, pre-ordering means you are one of the first to get the new album, you get it sooner!

And as another special bonus, when you pre-order you will get a special offer to buy my FANS ONLY BOX SET, available only to people who purchase the new album. For an additional $7 you also get my two earlier albums. That way you get some of my music right away, even while you wait for the new album.

Either way, thank you so much for taking the time to check out my music. I really appreciate it!

To pre-order just go to the pre-order page by clicking below:

Yes, please take me to the pre-order page!


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