Picture yourself in a warm cozy cafe, a grey-haired, soft spoken, young-at-heart folk singer-songwriter – like a favorite older brother – sharing wisdom in his songs.

…and now you can download three of his songs, including his latest single for free!


Here is what listeners have said about Paul Hatem!

“…songs that are simple at first blush, but quietly reveal themselves as little gems.” -David Keevil, Songwriter
“Poetic, mesmerizing, dreamlike; captures something essential about human experience.” -Natalia, Musician
“Whimsical, poignant, accessible, guitar-based folk songs, sometimes with unorthodox classical instrumentation…” -Chris Eastburn, Composer, Orchestrator


Folk singer-songwriter, Paul Hatem (pronounced “Hay-tem”), has been quietly writing songs in New England for most of his adult life. At the heart of his singing is the songs, and at the heart of the songs is his quirky, but finely-crafted lyrics. He’s been known to keep refining the words of a song for years until he finally considers it done. Paul’s New England underpinnings rise to the surface in his songs, like tree roots pushing up a sidewalk. He’s a family man, working at day jobs – but he’s never given up on writing, and consistently creating high quality songs about his life. But until now, it was mostly for his own enjoyment – along with that of a small, loyal, local audience. He and his family sing in the Family Folk Chorale in the Boston area, a multi-generational choir of singers and instrumentalists. Seven of Paul’s songs have been performed onstage with the full chorale. Paul also performs in local venues, solo, or with his acoustic band, Arl-Lex Five and Dime. Now, after a lifetime of writing interesting songs, he is finally stepping out into the larger public eye, to share his songs with a wider audience.

In a world of excessive hype, Paul’s songs are a refreshing change. His language is without pretense, subtle but evocative, direct and engaging, saying just enough to imply what is happening. His emotional restraint packs a punch of meaning. With a lyrical, pleasing tenor, and captivating melodies, it is still in his lyrics that the emotional punch lies. His music draws from the deep roots of the folk tradition; and yet, he follows the sentiment that “all music is folk music.” With influences from rock, country, bluegrass and other traditions, he creates a pleasing, eclectic blend. Paul’s songs are tightly composed, and because he works with skilled producers, they are also carefully arranged, using just the right instrumentation to bring out the essence of each song. His topics range from love songs – reminiscent of Neil Young and James Taylor – to tender and humorous memories of childhood, and to much quirkier topics. He explores road trips, the fun in getting old, and whether we get hungry or cold after we die. Let yourself be drawn in by the humor, insight, compassion and thoughtfulness of this constantly growing artist.

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