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“Songs to be listened to again and again. With a few words or a turn of a phrase, Paul conjures vivid images, insightful ideas, and surprising humor.”



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Paul’s latest recording, “When I Get Old,” is an eclectic mix of songs which holds together as a cohesive whole. With his wry sense of humor and quirky insights, Paul explores the lighter side of road trips, the fun in getting old, and whether we get hungry or cold after we die. A reviewer described the album as: “…songs that are simple at first blush, but quietly reveal themselves as little gems.”

“When I Get Old” begins – as do many of Paul’s recordings – with acoustic guitar and vocals. From there we visit many sound worlds from Paul’s eclectic musical influences: rock band, blues guitar and harmonica, atmospheric cello and clarinet, twangy country guitars, Latin percussion, punk, spacious prog rock, and evocative vocal harmonies.

Paul grew up on folk, rock, and pop music. Throw in some traditional, roots, country, blues, and even classical and Broadway – and that’s what his songs are like. Add his love of literature, reading and writing, and you get lyric-focused songs of high quality.

One of Paul’s favorite reviews was a single word, about his song “Where Have You Been?,” from his album, “Pair of Wings.” The reviewer said simply: “Wow!”

Paul incorporates all of his influences to create songs that are tightly composed. Because he works with skilled producers, the songs are carefully arranged, using just the right instrumentation to bring out the essence of each song. His topics range from love songs – reminiscent of Neil Young and James Taylor – to tender and humorous memories of childhood, to metaphysical, dream-like ponderings, and to much quirkier topics. Let yourself be drawn in by his humor, insight, compassion and thoughtfulness.

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