In one way Paul’s musical life has been typical. He has been writing and performing songs for years; and for years he has had day jobs to pay the bills.

In another way it has not been typical at all. In his local area of Massachusetts, Paul has had a lot of success getting his songs performed and heard. He is also part of a thriving New England songwriting scene.

In the late 1980s a good friend heard Paul play and offered him an hour of recording time in a local studio. This led to his first recording, “Once-Green Leaves,” released in 1990.

Paul’s second recording, “Pair of Wings,” took another decade to put together, and was released in 2001.

At that point, Paul thought he had a dependable pattern of putting out an album every 10 years (give or take). However, now, after 20 years, the new album, “When I Get Old,” has just become available. So much for every 10 years.

That said, there are also many more songs underway, and Paul has great hopes that he will put out more albums before very long!

We hope you enjoy Paul’s songs.

Paul has worked for decades at his chosen day job, while writing songs when he can. Work, family time, and growing up have kept him busy. Now he is stepping out into the public eye to share his songs with a wider audience.