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My new single is available for streaming. It’s called WHEN I GET OLD, (same name as the album). WHEN I GET OLD Click on the arrow above to stream the single.       That’s not all, the new album (also called WHEN I GET OLD) is now available! You can order it here:   […]


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Traditionally at this point in the release of a new album I would be giving away the single – the free track to try to interest you in ordering the album. The only problem is…I already gave away the single. It was my song “Simon,” which was free to anyone who signed up for my […]

New recording

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June 22! That’s right, June 22! That’s the day my new recording, “When I Get Old,” will be officially available!   On that day physical CDs and digital downloads will be available. And even better, you can pre-order them and be one of the first to get it! I’ll be sending out instructions for pre-ordering […]

When I Get Old

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  I have news about my new album! The cover art arrived from the graphic designer, and it looks like this: The album is called “When I Get Old.” That’s a personal joke, because according to certain young people in my life, I’m already old. But, I don’t feel that way. Also, some days I’m […]

Raining So Long

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One night a few months ago my family and I joined a group of friends for an outdoor celebration. Under ordinary circumstances this would not have been unusual, but because of the Covid virus, we had not gathered with anybody for many, many months. A sound system had been set up and music was playing. […]

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