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I've been interested in music all along. Growing up I heard the popular songs of the day on the radio. I heard my parents' music and classical music. I was around for some early rock and roll, and argued over whether the Beatles were better than the Beach Boys. Piano and guitar lessons came next. In my high school notebooks I wrote phrases and thoughts that I liked in the margins. I slowly started putting these together, then putting them to music. It was in college that I completed my first songs. My roommates and I performed in the campus late-night venue. I took voice lessons and music theory classes; got involved in ensemble singing, coffee houses, and open mikes. I fell in love with traditional folk music. I like music and I keep doing it. And now, here is my web site. You can find my recordings here, and also listen to songs that I'm still working on. I hope you enjoy my songs. If so, feel free to let me know.